Infinite Symphony of Being

As I pause and relax in my bed, I begin to focus on my breath. Breathing in, the sweet scent of you fills my head, drifting in from the nearby pillow. I firmly grasp it, pulling it close to my nose and breathing deeply, losing myself in memories of you. No longer am I thinking about my cares or concerns, but rather thinking of you and yours. Are you happy? Are you sad? Could I calm you with my presence as powerfully as your enduring aroma calms me? I breathe in… I breathe out… I focus on this feeling of compassion, emanating from me now as memories of your warm, curious smile and melodic voice play across my mind. Closing my eyes, imagining a future made of such memories overwhelms me. Exquisite joy bursts out of my essence like a wellspring of the divine. Knowing that such love is beyond my human capacity, I awaken to the interconnectedness of all things, feeling as though an endless cloak of warmth surrounds me. Your presence reverberates with mine in the infinite symphony of being.

Cosmic Infinity

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