The Nature of Existence | How to Live a Good Life


Are humans inherently good or evil? This question lies at the beginning of many inquiries into the nature of our existence. Generally, I think humans have a tendency to act in ways that we would consider to be good; however, an abusive family, oppressive society, or traumatic life experiences can damage…

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Emptiness – Alan Watts

“You have to realize to what an enormous extent we are all utterly bewitched by words, and are trying all our lives long to solve problems which only words create. Because the human being has gotten himself into a very funny bind. Having developed words, which are enormously useful, obviously, we at the same time pay a price for them. We are simultaneously helped and bewitched by words. So you could say that being under Maya, under illusion, is also being spellbound. And enchanted. Because when you lay a spell… you do it by spelling! You see, you make a magic with words.”