Our journey towards enlightenment begins with the understanding that everything is interconnected. Everything is impermanent and interdependent.

There are two truths in Buddhism, conventional and ultimate truth. Understanding the two truths and the relationship between them is vital in seeing through the illusion of inherent existence and realizing emptiness or Śūnyatā.

Nagarjuna’s philosophy of the Buddha’s Middle Way – the Madhyamaka school of Buddhism – shows how the two truths are different, and yet despite this difference are critically the same.

Whatever is dependently co-arisen
That is explained to be emptiness.
That being a dependent designation,
Is itself the middle way.
Something that is not dependently arisen,
Such a thing does not exist.
Therefore a non-empty thing
Does not exist.
– Nagarjuna (Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, Chapter 24 – Examination of the Four Noble Truths

At LibertyBuddhism.com, we’re exploring the Middle Way from suffering to liberation. Words alone cannot convey the full richness of Buddhism. That requires experiencing life in the present. The main method for experiencing and understanding the present moment is meditation.

Articles on meditation can only take us so far, for while words are extremely useful, they can also trip us up and deceive us. To continuously enjoy the present requires a variety of mediums. Art, poetry, music, and videos can help to elevate our existence through awe and wonder. We hope these resources will be valuable guides as you travel along this noble path.

While we find much truth in the Madhyamaka school of Mahayana Buddhism, we do not constrain ourselves to any single school of thought. We will also explore Zen teachings, mindfulness, meditation, and more. We are open to the truth, wherever it lies 😉


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